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Diving into the field of insurance over 30 years ago, Jason began setting company records as a direct writer within the first year of his career.

When a colleague urged him to become a broker instead of an agent, Jason took that advice; and the rest, as they say, is history.

As the President of a high-end, commercially focused brokerage, his role of providing leadership and direction is clear, and integral:

“As a leader, I’m defined by the positive image I exude for my team and by my passion for efficiency, which brings the latest technology into our brokerage. It’s important to me that our working environments, at all three of our locations, are conducive to positivity. The pleasant lighting, the fact that we are unique in our paperless operations, and the physical structures of the buildings themselves, create an atmosphere that promotes a great feeling about coming to work.”

Part of our company culture is being militant about delivering top level customer service. Around here it’s not just something we say. It’s our strict mandate, which creates the foundation for the way we conduct ourselves.”

I want each and every client to feel that they’re dealing with true professionals, who genuinely care about their insurance needs and outcomes.