Carmela Marino

As a 25+ year veteran in the industry, with a proven reputation for exemplary leadership, Carmela is the perfect candidate for directing the operations of Wiesner Insurance.

Carmela is an integral part of the leadership team, overseeing the overall functionality of the brokerage in order to ensure that the company and its moving parts continue to make advancements in the best direction.

In her role as director Carmela measures efficiency on an ongoing basis, continually researching the best alternatives, and taking into account every obtainable resource in order to monitor and tailor the results attributed to the highest success of Wiesner Insurance, the brokerage’s constituents, and its clientele.

By using the latest technology available, Carmela has overseen the implementation of a state-of-the-art brokerage management system, which promotes transparency while reviews and reports are conducted in real time.

Carmela continually evaluates operations in specific departments or in areas of support, as she methodically revisits workflow, better structure, and best practices + processes in place. This allows Wiesner Insurance to provide clientele, and brokerage partners, top-level service.

“I want to ensure that the brokerage efficiencies and structure in place works to its optimum level. My ongoing top priority is to procure great success for all parties involved: our team members, our broker partners, and our valued clientele.”


John Dinsmore puts 28+ years of insurance and safety experience behind Wiesner Insurance Muskoka. John lives and works in Huntsville; and he has the specialized expertise to put together insurance packages that can cover all of your commercial interests, property and vehicles in the best possible format.

John is dedicated to ensuring that your business is kept up-to-date with a risk management philosophy that has been developed over three decades – giving Wiesner Insurance Muskoka the ability to go beyond the realm of insurance by:

  • Giving you advice about the top approaches to safety and health management
  • Setting you up with safety plans and other assets to help improve your workflow
  • Helping you consider risks that don’t necessarily have to do with insurance


Robert has been in the insurance industry since 2013, beginning as an underwriter for both Personal and Commercial policies.

Focusing on the Commercial side of things at the front lines these days, Robert can be considered “a mechanic, who now sells cars.” Because of his background, he is able to simply look at a policy, understand it right away, and spot any missing options that a client may want to include. Robert’s perspective also allows him to see whether or not prospects are “overpaying” for their insurance in the form of coverages they don’t necessarily need.

Being available to his customers and providing valuable advice are important to Robert:

“I want my clients to feel safe. They’re not necessarily buying a tangible product; they’re purchasing my services, and the assurance that they are fully, and accurately, insured. I want my clients to feel confident in the fact that if something goes wrong, their lives won’t be upended. I want people to feel taken care of; so I’m here to be a reassuring voice on the end of the phone, letting you know that I’ll be taking any stress off of your shoulders by taking care of things for you.”


Since the age of 18, Christina has thrived in the insurance industry as a “people person,” who enjoys the social interaction of her job.

Specializing in Commercial Insurance, which entails working with contractors, manufacturers, retailers (and much more) her customer service policy is deeply rooted in trust.

“I want my clients to feel like they can safely confide in me, and give me sensitive information about their business; it’s important to me that they feel they can share their thoughts with me, and that they can rely on me to give them the best advice regarding their risk management.”

Christina’s objective is to ensure that her clients feel they can send her the information she needs, and “get on with their day, knowing that I will take care of it.”

“I love the relationships I’ve built with my clients; it’s friends first, and customers second. I enjoy helping, fixing problems, and making things easy for them. A lot of the time, people don’t like insurance products, but I make insurance more personable, more comfortable, and easier for all of my clients.”


Martinna used to specialize in Life and Health Insurance before she joined Team Wiesner to round out her expertise and become a “one stop shop” for insurance.

Today, her areas of specialization have expanded to include: Personal, Home, Auto and Motorcycle (as well as Life and Health).

Martinna’s analytical and detail-oriented mind help her catch “the little things,” and her personal mandate for client service is clear:

“After you deal with me, I want you to say, ‘she was an honest broker,’ and I want you to fully understand the coverage you have. Additionally, I want to make sure you’re aware of the coverage you haven’t considered – including the coverages that you may not know are available to you. It’s important to me that my clients know and understand all of their options so that they feel comfortable, and confident in, the fact that I took good care of their best interests no matter what happens.”


Anita specializes in personal lines, including “toys,” such as motorcycles, and recreational vehicles: personal watercraft, kayaks, canoes, and more.

“Insurance is something you have to get, so why not make it fun? I think that in personal lines, your home is the biggest investment you’re going to make (other than your children) – so I make those conversations entertaining. I cut to the chase: no ‘big’ words, no tangents. This way, the client can stay interested enough to get the coverage they need.”

Anita’s mandate is to maintain her honesty and “tell it like it is,” which cultivates trust, comradery and understanding in a client. She’s also dedicated to getting the client what he or she needs:

“I will always get you insurance. Whether you want to pay it or not is another story. But if you need insurance, I will get you insurance.”


Fraser specializes in Commercial Lines, which include Construction, Manufacturing, Tech., Retail, E-commerce, and basically a “little bit of everything,” which means his easy-going nature, sense of humour and great communication skills serve him very well in the field.

“I used to work in a lot of marketing and advertising, which helps me understand what companies are trying to do from their perspective on a commercial level. Because of my diverse background, I can understand a client’s business, see where risks might arise, understand what they want for the future of their company, and partner with them in their growing success.”

After 10 years in sales, and 3 years at Wiesner Insurance, Fraser is well-acquainted with customer satisfaction:

“I want my clients to enjoy peace of mind. They need to be able to focus on their daily tasks, with confidence in the fact that I will be taking care of their insurance needs in accordance with their best interests. It’s important for me to fully understand their business; this kind of knowledge helps me put together programs that have the best coverage possible.”


A tenacious problem solver and seeker of accurate information, Belinda has worked in the insurance industry for 15+ years.

Fantastic listening skills allow Belinda to better understand what matters most to her clients:

“Whether it’s listening to them tell me about their dreams of starting another business venture, or their plans to expand their current business operation, learning about my clients’ wants and needs provides me with a clear objective when trying to think of creative insurance solutions to help them achieve their goals.

I hope my clients feel well-equipped with the knowledge they need, in order to make better-informed decisions as it relates to their current (and future) commercial insurance needs. I also want my clients to feel assured that these needs are being handled with the utmost care, and consideration.”