Carmela Marino

As a 25+ year veteran in the industry, with a proven reputation for exemplary leadership, Carmela is the perfect candidate for directing the operations of Wiesner Insurance.

Carmela is an integral part of the leadership team, overseeing the overall functionality of the brokerage in order to ensure that the company and its moving parts continue to make advancements in the best direction.

In her role as director Carmela measures efficiency on an ongoing basis, continually researching the best alternatives, and taking into account every obtainable resource in order to monitor and tailor the results attributed to the highest success of Wiesner Insurance, the brokerage’s constituents, and its clientele.

By using the latest technology available, Carmela has overseen the implementation of a state-of-the-art brokerage management system, which promotes transparency while reviews and reports are conducted in real time.

Carmela continually evaluates operations in specific departments or in areas of support, as she methodically revisits workflow, better structure, and best practices + processes in place. This allows Wiesner Insurance to provide clientele, and brokerage partners, top-level service.

“I want to ensure that the brokerage efficiencies and structure in place works to its optimum level. My ongoing top priority is to procure great success for all parties involved: our team members, our broker partners, and our valued clientele.”