Fraser specializes in Commercial Lines, which include Construction, Manufacturing, Tech., Retail, E-commerce, and basically a “little bit of everything,” which means his easy-going nature, sense of humour and great communication skills serve him very well in the field.

“I used to work in a lot of marketing and advertising, which helps me understand what companies are trying to do from their perspective on a commercial level. Because of my diverse background, I can understand a client’s business, see where risks might arise, understand what they want for the future of their company, and partner with them in their growing success.”

After 10 years in sales, and 3 years at Wiesner Insurance, Fraser is well-acquainted with customer satisfaction:

“I want my clients to enjoy peace of mind. They need to be able to focus on their daily tasks, with confidence in the fact that I will be taking care of their insurance needs in accordance with their best interests. It’s important for me to fully understand their business; this kind of knowledge helps me put together programs that have the best coverage possible.”