Kathy Slowakiewicz

If you have a policy through Wiesner Insurance, then you can be sure that Kathy reviewed every word to verify that you have the proper coverage (and that it is up to date with the most current rules and regulations). 

 After 20 years in the industry, occupying various roles ranging from Insurance Advisor, to Broker (and now Underwriter), Kathy has gained a wealth of knowledge; this, combined with her strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills has made her a subject matter expert in Personal Lines Insurance. 

 “I use my professional knowledge and experience to help clients and brokers alike properly assess insurance needs, and shop for the best value in coverage. My goal is to ensure that clients are empowered with education about their coverages, and that we are always presenting the finest options and service. As a Broker and Underwriter, it’s important to me to put our clients’ interests first, so that they walk away with full confidence in the fact that the coverage we recommend is right for their particular set of needs.”