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The Wiesner Insurance Policy Advantage App

Right now, using digital platforms has become more important than ever. So we’d like to reintroduce our Policy Advantage App for the convenience of our clientele.

The Wiesner Insurance Policy Advantage App has been designed to empower you with a straightforward, handy way to access the insurance information you need, in minutes.

This easy-to-use portal will:

  • Allow you to access your liability slip on your Smartphone. (Digital pink slips are legal! When you can pull yours up on your phone, you’ll never have to shuffle through the expired pink slips in your glove box or worry about losing the hard copy again.)
  • Give you the opportunity to review digital copies of your policy documents.  If you ever have a question, the answer will be right at your fingertips!
  • Provide information about your payment plan(s).  Just head into the App to get all the information you need about your payment plan history, and future.
  • Report a Claim.  Should an incident occur, you can use the app to make a claim on the spot: 24/7, 365 days/year.

It’s easy to get started! Simply use your policy number with us to create your own profile in the Wiesner Insurance  Policy Advantage App  on your smartphone OR on your desktop.