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Whether you’re looking for Life Insurance, Protected Investments (Segregated Funds + Creditor Protection) or Group Benefits for your hard-working team, Wiesner Financial has you covered.

Investments: Segregated Funds + Creditor Protection

As life insurance agents, we are able to make investments for our clients with a life insurance component, which offers a degree of protection.

In the event of your death, your mutual funds (investments that you would purchase through a bank), can often get locked into a probate, and withheld from your beneficiary for up to a year – even if these investments are included in your will.

However with the help of Wiesner Financial you can secure your initial investment based on the following:

Segregated Funds: are investments that we hold in trust for you: the investor. This means that our services still include an element of investment – but the additional outcome is that if you pass away, your investment will go directly to your beneficiary (without getting stuck in probate).

Creditor Protection: should something happen to you, creditors won’t be able to extract anything from your investment before it goes to your beneficiary.

Secure Investments: Wiesner Financial can guarantee that your investment is secured; in other words, we can protect the initial sum of your investment for you and your beneficiary.

Group Benefits

Wiesner Financial can provide group benefits for power teams of two, or corporations with hundreds of employees!

Whether you’re operating a small business with a handful of team members, or running a company with hundreds of employees, this is a fantastic opportunity to attract more talent with powerful incentives, and make your existing staff feel even more excited about working for YOU.

Keyman Insurance

If you rely heavily on a team member who is an integral front person to your organization, you’ll be interested in hearing more about Keyman Insurance.

Keyman is a policy you can take out in the event of extreme illness, disability or death of a team member who is crucial to your daily operations; and when this policy is purchased (before the onset of any illness), it can save you from “skipping a beat” by:

  • providing you with with the resources you need, to facilitate finding a replacement for your key team member (for example, hiring a head hunter)
  • providing you with the extra funds required to hire the additional employees you need to replace that person for six months (giving you the chance to keep your organization operational while your key member recovers)
  • and more…

Contact us to discover the options available for securing the success of your business.

Wiesner Financial also provides services for:

  • Special Situation/Private Investment ideas
  • Next Generation Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Philanthropy & Charitable Giving Strategies
  • Life Insurance – Family Income Protection & Tax Free Investing
  • Group Life & Group Benefits
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • and more…
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