Leanna specializes in Personal Lines of insurance – so when it comes to her personality traits, empathy is high on the list (along with patience and punctuality).

Her approach to customer service is to put herself “in their shoes,” which works to cultivate the trust (and confidence in protection) that every client requires.

Leanna wants her clients to have the peace of mind that comes with “a clear understanding of their risks, and their coverage.”


Jessica brings a positive attitude, and strong teamwork skills to the workplace.

Previously, Jessica worked in retail management, where she was responsible for overseeing the provision of fantastic customer service on a daily basis.

The abilities she developed from her experience in that area are evident in the principles she maintains at Wiesner Insurance:

“I want clients to walk away with confidence in, and an understanding of, their insurance product. It’s important to me that they feel comforted by the fact that they have a knowledgeable staff behind them, who keep their best interests in mind.”


Stephanie has a strong talent for administration, and making clients feel comfortable.

Caring, being kind to others, and maintaining a positive attitude is her personal policy on a daily basis:

“I want clients to walk away feeling comfortable, happy and welcome; it’s important to me that they leave feeling like they want to come back.”